Track Day FAQ

New to Track Days? or just want to understand some key information before your track day? We have compiled below some of our frequently asked questions that we are asked here at Track Obsession.

A track day allows drivers to arrive in their own car, at some of the best race circuits in the UK and drive to their heart’s content. 

Typically, there are 7 hours of track time available, with an hour for lunch. 

There is a huge community of enthusiasts who attend track days regularly, improving their own driving and cars between days. 

Track days non competitive, but highly addictive!

You will need to bring a full valid photocard driving license, a suitable helmet (motorcross style helmets not allowed). It important to note that arms and legs must be covered at all times so remember to arrive prepared, whatever the weather. Open top or convertible cars will require a full face helmet.

If you are under 18 but hold a Motorsport UK race license, please contact the team to discuss joining our track day.

All makes and models are welcome on our track days. Your car should confirm to all MOT standards and must be fitted with a towing eye.

Single seaters, open wheeled and high centre of gravity cars are not permitted (vans, 4×4 etc) – Do contact the team if you are unsure if your car is suitable.

The short answer is no, you can have as much fun in a standard car as a highly modified car! However, to ensure your cars performance is maintained throughout the day, the most common upgrades are uprated brake pads, brake fluid and performance tyres.  

Although track days are generally very safe, unfortunately accidents can happen when exploring the limits of fast driving. 

You must be aware that by booking onto a track day, you have already agreed to accept the risk, you will also be required to complete a declaration at each event. This is the norm with any track day provider. 

Insurance is not required, however it is advised to use a specialist track day insurer.

Track Obsession LTD take no responsibility for any damage caused to your vehicle on track, regardless on whether you were at fault. 

Track Obsession LTD are members of the ATDO and use specialist staff to ensure the correct procedures are followed.

Of course! We welcome drivers of all abilities.

Track Obsession are specialists in running open pit lane track days. Our team is made up of racing drivers and motorsport technicians, so you’re in the best hands for your first track day. We offer free advice and tuition, make sure you opt into this for free during check out phase of your purchase. We also offer free novice stickers so other drivers will ensure you have plenty of room on circuit.

If you’re a little unsure on the day, just speak to a member of the team and sign on and we’ll be happy to talk you through any concerns and even take you out on the circuit before you go out alone.

For most track days there is 7 hours of available time on circuit (depending on light in winter months). 

We run open pit lane track days and limit the number of cars in attendance to ensure you get plenty of time on track without the queues!

YES, and its free! Check out our lineup of professional instructors racing in the top flight of UK motorsport. You can find out a little more about our tuition here!

YES, and its free! Check out our resident photographer and where to find your photos just here!

At most circuits, garage hire is available. This provides shelter for you, your car and your belongings for the entire day.

Such is the friendly atmosphere of our track days, typically items are safe when left outside. However this is of course at your own risk. The majority of customers do choose to arrive without booking a garage.

Yes, why not share your experience with friends and family? Both passengers and additional drivers can be added on the day of the track day at the sign on office. See the event info page for pricing. We accept both card and cash on the day.

If your circumstances change, it is possible to cancel your track day. See our terms and conditions for more information on how to cancel your track day with us. All enquires should be emailed to sales@trackobsession.co.uk

You can also view our terms and conditions here.

Well, we are motorsport enthusiasts first and foremost, placing the customer at the heart of everything we do! Adding value to every event by new and innovative ideas. 

Yes, you can drive the same circuits with another provider. But it’s the little things that make a big difference. All Track Obsession track days include free tuition from top professional racing drivers, free photography with both on and on track photos, free refreshments, free merchandise and free car set up advice from a professional motorsport engineer. 

Still not convinced? Here at Track Obsession we follow strict guidelines on the amount of bookings allowed on each of our track events. Quality track time is important, that’s why we stick to circuit guidelines when limiting our booking numbers to ensure you get more time on track than with our competitors.

We are constantly trialing new ways to add more enjoyment to your day. We’re happy when our customers are happy, so if you’ve not been a joined us for a track day before, then be sure to join us for your next track day! 

View our upcoming track day dates here!



Receive guaranteed entry to all 2024 Track Obsession track days and… 

  • Unlimited additional drivers and passengers
  • 1 free garage for each event (where applicable)
  • 1 free tuition slot prioritised to a time of day of your preference.
  • Personalised sign on, we come to you. No need to visit the sign on office.
  • Free Track Obsession Snapback Hat (worth £25)

Limited to a maximum of 7 passes

£3050 including VAT

Please note: Season passes are available for purchase up until the 28th February 2024


Choose 6 events from the 2024 calendar and receive 15% off each track day and…

  • 1 free passenger for each event
  • 1 free additional driver for each event
  • 1 free garage for each event (where applicable)
  • 1 tuition slot at each event
  • Free Track Obsession Snapback Hat (worth £25)

Limited to a maximum of 20 passes

Please note: Season passes are available for purchase up until the 28th February 2024


Choose 4 events from the 2024 calendar and receive 10% off each track day and…

  • 1 free passenger for each event
  • 1 free garage for each event (where applicable)
  • 1 tuition slot at each event
  • Free Track Obsession Snapback Hat (worth £25)

Limited to a maximum of 30 passes

Please note: Season passes are available for purchase up until the 28th February 2024

What are the Specifications of each rental?

Our Clio 197 hire cars have been specifically modified and fine-tuned by our BTCC Race Engineer to ensure they meet and exceed the demands of our customers on track.

These modifications include:

– Corbeau Bucket seats

– 4 point racing safety harnesses

– MSA Specification rear roll cage

– RS Cup Dampers

– Wider Nangkang NS2R track tyres

– PBS Racing compound brake pads

– Brembo brake discs

– Hel braided brake lines

– Performance exhaust and induction

What extras are available?

Extras available at time of booking include;

– Additional fuel*

– Full day tuition from a professional racing driver

– Helmet hire (COVID-19 regulations dependant) 


*Additional fuel available on the day managed by the Track Obsession team

What can I expect on the day?

Upon arrival you will be shown round the car to get an understanding of its capabilities as well as making you comfortable in a suitable driving position.

This will be followed by on-track tuition to get you straight up to speed! Once comfortable in the car we will leave you to enjoy the car to its full potential!

However, we will be on hand to take care of your every need, to refuelling, set up changes if required and further on-track instruction (should you require it).

How much time will I get in the car/ Is the car shared?

We strive to give you the best experience possible. Different to ‘driving experience days’ we offer you exclusive use of the track car for the entire day! This means you’ll hold the keys to drive the car as much as you wish.

What dates are available?

Our hire cars are available at all of our 2024 dates, to view the complete list, click here.

But be quick as they are very popular!

We can supply our hire cars to trackdays with other organisers. If you would like to enquire about car availability with another organiser then please email your request using the button below – transportation fees may apply. 

How does insurance work?

Although incidents are rare, motorsport can be dangerous and therefore we have a safe and simplistic insurance cover to ensure your mind is at ease should the worst happen.

For only £99, our (optional) fully comprehensive cover caps the damage excess to a maximum of £750.  

This is inclusive of both mechanical and cosmetic body damage and covers the car and all drivers assigned to the hire.

Wow much does it cost?

Our Clio 197 hire cars are popular with novices and experienced track drivers. This is due to the great value and hassle free fun they provide.

Choose any circuit on the Track Obsession calendar and hire a car for around £849.

Share the cost with a friend or split it 3 ways and book on an additional driver for only £75 extra.

What is included?

Book one of our Renault Sport Clio 197 track cars and we’ll have it ready and waiting upon your arrival.

The cost of the hire includes;

– Entry to a Track Obsession track day*

– Exclusive use of our Clio 197 hire cars

– A free tank of fuel to kick start your day**

– Up to two drivers, so you can bring a friend to share the experience with**

– A minimum of 2x 15 minute tuition sessions with one of our on hand tutors

*Track days operated by other organisers are not included and entry will incur an additional cost

**Additional fuel and a third/fourth driver can be added for an additional fee