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When it comes to track and race cars it’s not all about engine performance, quite often you can make big gains by reducing the cars weight. This weight reduction will improve the overall performance of the cars braking, cornering and acceleration!

That’s why we set out to highlight areas of performance improvement with a different take on the normal rolling road day.

On the race track, it’s weight that counts, that’s why we created the Power 2 Weight Shootout!

So our 2nd event of this kind was due for the 4th of March 2018. After a week of snow, we were unsure if the day would even go ahead! But thankfully it cleared just in time and credit to the undeterred attendees and spectators on the day! They came out in force and even though some had to bring back up cars, there was a strong showing of track focused motors and a couple of supercars too!

We returned to AMD Tuning’s dyno to gain the bhp figure, while the cars were corner weighed by Brown and Geeson Racing to obtain the weight over each wheel to provide feedback on how to improve cars balance as well as the total weight. These two figures combined would be calculated into a power to weight ratio (bhp per ton), this bhp per ton figure was then entered into a league table to help understand how weight can affect the cars performance.

Not only weighing the cars, Brown and Geeson also sponsored our N/A class while Funk Motorsport, specialists in heat management products sponsored our boosted class.

With 30 cars taking to the dyno and corner weight scales, there was plenty of friendly competition and deliberation to be drawn on.

Results Round UP

N/A Class

N/A class was very hotly contested! With only 9bhp per ton separating the top 4!! Light weight Clio’s performed well with Martin Hutchings taking the win by 1bhp per ton! Let me repeat that, 1BHP PER TON! It doesn’t get any closer than that!!!

Scott Isaacs split a 1-2 clio front row by slotting his RS4 into 2nd place, just in front of Richard Paice’s throttle bodied Clio 172 who finished 3rd, with last years winner Ben Guppy’s Civic TypeR sitting in 4th place, just missing out on a podium by 4bhp per ton, even after squeezing a few more ponies and losing a few more pounds out of the EP3 from last year!

The key here is to note the cars weight, Martin’s Clio had 200bhp less than Scott’s RS4, but it was the weight difference of 773kg which allowed him to shade it into top spot.

The Fan’s Favourite; Chris Heathcotes 3.2 V6 Nova Saloon Support car. This burgundy 4 door sleeper rolling on steels was light and powerful! With a torquey motor too! Chris was going to bring his Audi s3 track machine, which could have been a contender for the boosted class win. However a blown clutch at Silvertsone week prior to the event put that into retirement.

Boosted Class

Within the boosted class came a variety of cars with engine swaps and bolt on turbochargers/superchargers.

Ford power took 1st class honours through Paul Restall’s Sierra Cosworth which can be seen in rounds of the Quaife backed Motor Sport News series at Brands Hatch. Although picking up some wheel spin due to an aggressive power band, road tyres and a cold wet day, Paul still managed a very respectable 438bhp! Note – The two men sitting in the boot of the Sierra to gain more traction were not added to the cars weight 😉

Martin Collier showed us just how important weight is by taking 2nd place with 100bhp less than the 1st place man with his little Glanza weighing in at 950kg, packing a punch with 337bhp at the flywheel!

This meant that even though Daniel Foot ran a very respectable 417bhp, this was only good enough for 3rd place as the Supercharged s2000 weighed in at 1287kg. James Foulger Golf mk2 20VT landed 4th spot.

Aaron Pennington’s BMW 135i and Adam Davey’s Evo 6 were both tied on 250bhp per ton. Even though the 135i had more power, it surprisingly also carried 100kg more weight than the 4wd evo!

An unexpected end

With some of the expected bigger power cars left to run like Matt West’s Megane RS250 powered Clio and Danny Jones Seat Ibiza 20vt, there could have been more fight at the top of the tables! However the dyno picked up a fault which meant after numerous attempts, could not be fixed. We thank the guys at AMD for literally trying everything to resolve the issue. However it needed a tech from the dyno manufacture to resolve, unfortunately for us, no one was available on a Sunday.

However we would firmly like to congratulate all of our podium winners!

Funk Motorsport handed out vouchers for their range of heat management products for the winners of the boosted class!

Brown And Geeson provided ramps and knee mats to winners of the N/A class!

We’ve showed once again through our power to weight event that weight can even up the playing field and show true car performance! Of course these cars varied heavily in their comforts and we think the Rs4 would be more of an all-rounder over the Clio for example, but this shows that when it comes to the track, there would be little to choose between the two.

We also noticed that throughout the middle of both tables, it was the lighter cars that would have the advantage.

Noticeably the Golf 20vt of James Foulger who if only going on bhp figures, would have finished 9th in the table, but with his light weight shell and our tables going on power 2 weight figures, meant he took 4th spot.

1. Martin hutchings Clio 182 – Silver 223 957 223
2. Scott Isaacs Audi B7 RS4 – Red 403 1730 232
3. Richard Paice Clio 172 – Silver 217 952 228
4. Ben Guppy Civic TypeR Ep3 – Red 250 1117 224
5. Graham Southwell Clio 172 Cup – Blue 212 997 213
6. Chris Heathcote Nova Saloon v6 Support car 196 927 211
7. Bradley Holtom Civic TypeR Ep3 – Grey 243 1212 200
8. Jack Aulsford Clio 182 – Black 186 1026 191
9. Joe Lewis Corsa B 2.0 16v – White 171 902 189
10. Jonny Cullen Renault Clio 182 – Blue 184 1020 180
11. Scott Brown Mazda MX5 – Red 108 948 115
James Birch T-O Corsa 2.0 – white/red —- 867 —-
Jamie Miller e46 M3 – Red —- 1507 —-
Nick Robinson Golf MK5 R32 – Red 262 —- —-
1. Paul Restall Ford Sierra Cosworth – White 438 1157 379
2. Martin Collier Toyota Glanza – White 337 950 355
3. Daniel Foot S2000 Supercharged – Grey 417 1287 324
4. James Foulger Golf Mk2 20VT 292 1017 287
5. Aaron Pennington BMW 135i – Black 377 1509 250
6. Adam Davey Evo 6 – Black 352 1407 250
7. Gary Izard Subaru Impreza Black/multi 296 1241 238
8. Gary Cripps Evo 6 – Silver 335 1426 235
9. Trevor Izard Seat Leon – Yellow 289 1263 229
10. Max Lloyd Megane RS250 – Black 321 1404 215
11. Callum Stephens Ford Fiesta ST – White 229 1157 199
Danny Jones Seat Ibiza 20VT – Grey —- 1159 —-
Matt West Clio 197 Meg RS Swap – Red —- 1198 —-
Ben Jones VW Polo 20VT – Black —- 1199 —-
Ben Parsons Clio 197 Meg RS Swap – White —- 1303 —-

There we have it, the full results! A special mention to our winners, Paul Restall in boosted class and Martin Hutchings in N/A class.

​It was a great event with AmD Tuning and Brown and Geeson Racing. All the cars owners got to take away a full dyno power graph and corner weighing results, along with some very good technical advice on car set up from Brown and Geeson who really set the standard with their car set up equipment.

Big thanks also to Funk Motorsport who are raising the bar with their heat management products.

We’re sure that many of the cars will undergo some sort of fettling after these results!

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