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When it comes to track and race cars it not all about engine performance, quite often you can make big gains by reducing the cars weight. This weight reduction can improve the cars acceleration as well as its handling characteristics and braking performance.

That why we set out to highlight areas of performance improvement with a different take on the normal rolling road day. The normal take on a rolling road day only focus on maximum power outputs, that’s all well and good for pub talk.

We are about stripped out track/race cars and on the race track its weight that counts. That’s why we held an event that we believe is the first of its kind. A Power to weight Shootout

On a cold and wet Sunday a whole host of cars were put on AmD Tuning’s dyno to gain the bhp figure from the flywheel. They were then corner weighed by Brown and Geeson Racing to obtain the weight over each wheel to provide feedback on how to improve cars balance as well as the total weight. These two figures combined would be calculated into a power to weight ratio (bhp per ton), this bhp per ton figure was then entered into a league table to help understand how weight can effect the cars performance.

There were two classes on the day, forced induction and naturally aspirated. Superpro Suspension and Juicy Details were on hand to give away some goodies to the respective top 3 cars in each category.

With a number of vehicles having been on track at Bedford Autodrome circuit the previous day, there were a few casualties. That’s motorsport! But with 25 cars taking to the dyno and corner weight scales, there was plenty of competition to be drawn on.

What came out from the results were a hand full of interesting contrasts between power and weight, some surprising similarities too!

Old skool engineering seamed to set the benchmark for a light weight chassis, but who could have thought that a big Yank tank would only be 92kg heavier than a Megane RS and only 18kg heavier than the Focus ST? Ok so the Camaro had a Fiberglass bonnet and the Megane was fitted with half a roll cage and stripped out interior, that may have contributed, but the majority we believe came down to the Camaro having less driver aids, creature comforts, electronics and safety equipment.

Another surprise statistic was the Ford Fiesta Mk2 of Sheldon Partridge which was only 5 bhp per ton off of an e92 M3! The result could have been swayed if fuel levels were taken into account. Another reason why we loved this #trackobsession power to weight event, it equaled up the playing field and showed true car performance. Of course these cars varied heavily in their comforts and we think the M3 would be more of an all rounder over the Fiesta, but this shows that when it comes to the track, there would be little to choose between the two.

We also noticed that throughout the middle of both tables, it was the lighter cars that would have the advantage.

Noticeably the wide track Corsa B of Chris Morton and Jonny Cullen’s Mk1 Golf, both tied in 4th place in the Naturally Aspirated class, placing higher bhp per ton figures despite having less power than their rivals.

In the forced induction class, it would be the Astra Coupe of Simon English who would secure 4th spot, despite having 90 bhp less than Alex Collins who finished in 5th trailing just 1 bhp per ton behind Simon! And it was only 6bhp per ton that separated 5th and 6th spot, with Daniel Murrays Astra G turbo.

If there was an award for the fans favorite car of the day, we are sure that Rakesh Rathod would have taken it in his caged and track spec’d Audi S2, such an awesome sound from that 5 cylinder Turbo powerplant.

1. Benjamin Parson BMW E92 M3 Red 415 1638 253
2. Sheldon Partridg Ford Fiesta MK2 White 224 901 248
3. Ben Guppy Civic TypeR Red 240 1162 207
4. Chris Morton Vauxhall Corsa B Black 170 906 189
5. Jonny Cullen MK1 Golf Blue 164 869 189
6. Jamie Miller Camero Yellow 270 1488 182
7. Nicholas Chiswell BMW E36 328 Black 217 1199 181
8. Sam Cooper Civic TypeR Black 216 1209 179
9. Liam Boswall Ford Fiesta MK4 Black 150 927 162
10. Ashley Hay Ford Puma Silver 126 922 137
1. Bobby Valentino Integra Turbo Purple 550 1283 441
2. Rakesh Rathod Audi S2 Grey 544 1419 383
3. Chris Heathcote VW Golf MK5 GTI Black 524 1439 364
4. Matthew Buckman Audi TTRS Black 436 1505 290
5. Simon English Vauxhall Astra Coupe Silver 308 1141 270
6. Alex Collins VW GolfR MK7 Black 398 1460 269
7. Daniel Murray Astra G Turbo Silver 310 1154 263
8. Jason Mills Mini Cooper S white 320 1261 253
9. Matt West Renault Megane RS Red 311 1396 222
10. Adam Davey Audi S3 Red 298 1383 215
11. Dean Fonyodi Ford Focus ST Blue 300 1461 205
12. Gus King Polo GTi White 255 1248 204
13. Josh James Seat Cupra R Red 259 1313 197
14. Logan Scanlon Subaru Impreza Red 266 1379 193
15. Adam Weal Skoda VRS Silver 268 1402 191

Taking the top three away from both classes, the results were very close, with only 40 bhp per ton covering 5 places in the Forced Induction class and 6 places in the Naturally Aspirated leader board.

​There we have it, the full results! A special mention to our winners, Benjamin Parsons in Naturally Aspirated class and Bobby Valentino (not the RnB star) in Forced Induction class.

​It was a great event with AmD Tuning and Brown and Geeson Racing. All the cars owners got to take away a full dyno power graph and corner weighing results, along with some very good technical advice on car set up. We are sure that many of the cars will undergo some sort of fettling after these results!

Thanks also to Superpro Suspension for their advice on geometry performance products and support from Juicy Details and Creative Photography.

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